What to Expect

We have a great big space in the basement of Shopkeepers to let kids explore a wide range of materials and not worry about making a mess. Upstairs, there is stroller parking, coffee and cake available for purchase for the caretakers and a play kitchen and reading area for kids who may need a break in the action or some time to get ready for class. Our workshops go from 10 AM – noon and the kids may start the projects at any time in that window.

Our workshops will typically include creating a large environment for everyone to play together with their creations such as:

  • drawing a big neighborhood and making houses and people to live there
  • creating a huge racetrack and building colorful cars to drive there
  • making a seascape full of creatures and making jellyfish or fish to swim there
  • coloring a large runway and making small planes to fly around
  • drawing an ocean and making boats to float there
  • creating a large night sky and making working night lights to illuminate it
  • decorating for a party and building birthday layer cakes
  • coloring a large rainbow scene and stringing together a pasta rainbow