Plum Patch is the project of two Capitol Hill moms of toddlers who want their kids to have more opportunities to create, explore and have fun in a class-based environment. We believe in:

  • using recycled materials whenever possible
  • letting kids explore the materials in an open-ended way
  • getting messy and having a lot of fun

Amy is an art teacher with a Masters in Art and Visual Culture Education and experie nce teaching kindergarten through 8th grade. As a mother of a toddler, she has loved using her creativity to get messy with her daughter and find engaging ways to introduce art at a young age. In her personal time she enjoys dabbling in ceramics, painting, and printmaking, while also carving stamps as a side business. She is looking forward to helping develop more young artists around DC.

Anastasia is an artist who has frequently worked with kids and loves their creativity and joy. She also has a scientific background and loves figuring out how to facilitate her two small kids’ exploration of the world. She particularly enjoys ceramics and sculptural work.